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5 Questions with Fiona Rowan, junior midfielder, Linganore Girls Soccer

11/13/2017, 6:00am EST
By Joe Ferraro

Fiona reflects on the state semifinal and playing soccer

Your sister, Eva, played volleyball at Linganore. At any point did you consider playing volleyball in high school?

I do play volleyball for fun, but maybe if I didn’t play soccer, I’d play volleyball. But I’ve grown up playing soccer all my life.

So, it was case where soccer was more suited for you. Why?

I guess I really like the outdoors, and I like running a lot. That’s one of the reasons why I stuck with it.

Is there anything Eva taught you about competitive athletics?

Just go out there and try your hardest every time and do the best you can and get the result you want.


Your soccer team had just three starters returning from last year. How does a team with just three returning starters get to the state final?

It’s funny because [when] we started the year off, we didn’t know each other that well, but we play so well together. We’re very close, and that’s one of the main reasons for our success this year.

Is this about what you expected?

I don’t think I knew what to expect because there were so many new people. I know for certain a lot of people around here did not expect this. This is just the best outcome we’ve ever gotten, and now we have a chance to win it all.

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